Get to know me

Before starting my blog, my boyfriend asked me: “Who is going to read it?”. He didn’t want to be mean (even though he sounded like that) 🙂 but just make me understand that there were millions of people out there doing what I was about to start doing, so I needed to understand who would have been my audience (if any) not to waste my efforts.

Here are just a few facts on me:

  • I love travelling. Lots of people do, I suppose. I am just one more.
  • I love food and especially eating it. I am not a particularly great cook (I am improving, though) but I have been smart enough to get myself a boyfriend with excellent cooking skills! He loves cooking, I enjoy eating. That’s a great deal. Nothing makes me happier than a plate or a bowl of…. anything!!
  • I love reading, particularly travel books. Love Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski, Lucía Etxebarría.
  • I love taking pictures. I would like to improve and that’s on my to-do list for 2016. Almost all the pictures you will find on my blog have been taken by myself (if not, I state it).
  • I speak Italian, Spanish and English. Originally from Italy, I lived for some years in Spain and I am currently based in the UK.
  • I do have a weak point for shoes. Always had and I suppose will always have.
  • I don’t like overexposed brands. I have always preferred to browse individual shops looking for unique pieces (that doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive). I tend to buy less but I carefully select what I buy.
  • I am equally comfortable sleeping in a 5$/night shack or in a more upmarket hotel, but I generally had my best experiences in shacks! The same applies for restaurants but in both cases I usually try to stick near the bottom/mid end (even though you will find a few remarkable exceptions in my blog, though) so I have more money left to do plenty of other things.
  • I hate organized trips.
  • I used to be a party girl but now I have calmed down 🙂 Yet, I am not saying no to a proper night out (or two)!


I suppose if you arrived to this point, may be I have some chance that you will peruse my blog!

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