A day out in Whitstable

Whitstable is a small town not far from Canterbury (5 miles), well renowned for its oysters. If you are on your way to Canterbury and if you are an oyster fan, I suggest you plan a quick stop here.




When we decided to visit, the weather was sunny but particularly cold and terribly windy so we couldn’t really enjoy our walk but what we did truly love was undoubtedly our meal at Wheelers Oyster Bar (8 High Street).

Menu is not particularly extensive (the one pictured below is the bar menu) but everything sounded absolutely delicious. Book well ahead (we didn’t, so we ended up at the entrance bar, which was absolutely fine since we were in for a quick lunch but the restaurant room would have been a better and more relaxed option)! Everything we had was very tasty, particularly the smoke haddock and cheese flan, the herrings and, of course, their oysters!

Lobster Bisque


Pickled Herring
Can’t remember what it was…but it was delicious!
Bar menu

If the weather is nice, plan a trip on the same day to Herne Bay, a nice seaside town not far from Whitstable.

If you are an oyster fan and you are planning a trip overseas, have a look at my post on Apalachicola, FL….possibly the best oysters I have ever had. 🙂

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